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Brand Letter of Intent

Textile brands are moving away from mulesed sheep wool and call for a more ethical mulesing-free wool industry


The present 'Brand Letter of Intent' is another strong signal to the Australian wool industry and global wool supply chains, that mulesing must become a thing of the past. Brands who sign the letter do not want mulesed wool and they are either already certified mulesing-free or intend to be by 2030.

The letter directly calls on the Australian wool industry to enable that shift away from any type of mulesing. The growing anti-mulesing movement demonstrates the demand for non-mulesed wool exists and may increase in the coming years. In the interests of both the animals, and the Australian wool industry it’s time to make a plan to transition away from mulesing.

Progressive Brands

support an end of mulesing by signing the 'Brand Letter of Intent'



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How to get involved as a brand?

Download the attached 'Brand Letter of Intent' and support the cause!

By signing it yourself (or the CEO/CSR Manager/Sustainability officer in your company) you are showing the Australian wool industry and your supply chain that:

  • your company already sources certified non-mulesed wool or
  • that your company intends to source only verified non-mulesed wool by 2030
Brand Letter of Intent

Brand Letter of Intent

Click, download, sign!

If you want to be part of the progressive anti-mulesing movement send your signed letter to textiles@four-paws.org and amplify the united voice against mulesing.

In case you have any questions regarding this initiative, please feel free to contact us.

What brands have to say

“ARMEDANGELS has zero tolerance for mulesing and we only use certified (GOTS + RWS) mulesing-free organic virgin wool in our products and mainly source it from Argentina. The way we work with animals and prioritise their well-being says everything about their ethical importance to us and we strongly believe that joint efforts are the only way to really push for change.”  

Manar Samaki, Supply Chain Director at ARMEDANGELS

“Icebreaker was founded on ensuring respect for our fibre all the way through the value chain, from sheep to shirt. We were one of the first brands to exclusively use wool from non-mulesed sheep. It’s important to the consumer, but even more importantly it’s important for the animal. Consumers are more conscious than ever and we feel it is our responsibility to drive awareness and demand for ethically-sourced product.” 

Meredith Dawson Lawry, Global Materials & Sustainability Manager at Icebreaker (New Zealand)

“As a responsible retailer animal welfare is important to us and the use of Mulesing has for many years been highlighted as a particularly traumatic procedure. We cannot condone the use of Mulesing, especially when there are other methods of controlling fly infestations, and are therefore happy to sign this letter showing our support in the phasing out of this procedure” 

Paul Smith, Head of Sourcing & Product Technology at MISSGUIDED (UK)

“When the issue of mulesing became known about six years ago, we reacted very quickly and contractually banned this practice and excluded Australia as a country of origin. We then joined forces with other stakeholders to establish a standard that could ensure animal welfare throughout the entire supply chain. Today we source the often-affected merino wool only certified to the Responsible Wool Standard, which excludes mulesing. In the future, we want to offer all wool types only as sustainable and certified quality.” 

Nanda Bergstein, Director Corporate Responsibility at Tchibo GmbH (Germany)

“Mulesing is outdated and unnecessary. We appreciate the high value of ethically sourced wool and are committed to being part of positive change.” 

Adrian Huber, Head of Corporate Responsibility at MAMMUT (Switzerland)

"People Tree are passionate about animal welfare and have signed a letter of intent with FOUR PAWS that mulesing should be banned.

People Tree are  committed to animal welfare in our supply chain. Our sheep’s wool is from New Zealand, which has an Animal Welfare Act establishing a duty of care for animals. Our Merino wool is from GOTS certified organic merino wool yarn, which follow organic standards including high welfare standards, organic feed, good husbandry and prohibits mulesing."

Ruth, Technical and Development Manager at People Tree (UK)

Flock of sheep


proves progress towards a non-mulesed future and better sheep welfare in Australia

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