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Hugo Boss becomes sheep's friend

Hugo Boss becomes sheep's friend

FOUR PAWS latest success in the fight against mulesing

Meriono sheep

Global fashion brands take a stand against animal suffering

FOUR PAWS hands over open brand letter to Australian wool industry calling for an end to the cruel mulesing of lambs

Merino sheep

FOUR PAWS achieves a “hat-trick” with Puma

In the future, the German sports goods manufacturer will refrain from using uncertified wool of animal cruelty origin

Non-mulesing Sheep

100 textile brands against mulesing

FOUR PAWS urges fashion industry to demand cruelty-free wool

Sheeps and lambs on a farm with mulesing practice

The suffering of the lambs: Mutilated for luxury fashion

FOUR PAWS criticises animal cruelty at international fashion brands

Wool producer in Australia

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