Brands against Mulesing

Brands against Mulesing

Hope for stopping the cruel mutilation of merino lambs


All the brands below have communicated against mulesing, a cruel mutilation of merino lambs and show that the demand for non-mulesed wool is high and growing.
Some of these brands have gone a step further by setting a commitment to phase out mulesed wool and others are already moving away from it by fulfilling concrete steps.

Check out the list below to see what stance your favourite brand has when it comes to mulesed wool! 

Your favourite brand is not part of the solution? If you want more brands to become mulesing-free, please sign our petition.

Status 11/2021

Explanation of the two categories:

Position against mulesing: Brands in this category have a position against mulesing, they may have expressed their opposition to the practice, reference the use of strong standards that exclude mulesing or stated their concern or desire to move away from mulesed wool on their website, or within their animal welfare policy. This position must be published online and available to the public. FOUR PAWS was unable to locate a published a time bound commitment to phase out mulesed wool, alongside objectives around certification by these brands. 

Strong measures to phase out mulesed wool: Brands in this category have published a timebound public commitment, setting a percentage goal to transition away from mulesed wool (e.g. on their website, within their animal welfare policy, and /or their buying guidelines). These brands have also stated their use of robust certification systems, or aims with regards to achieving a certified supply chain, using traceability and transparency systems, ideally comparable to the Responsible Wool Standard (e.g.: 100% RWS by 2022).

Do you know of a brand with a stance against mulesing that is not listed here, please contact us via and we will add it to this list.

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Knitting Kind Guide | Using The Right Wool

Knitting Kind Guide | Using The Right Wool

If you're a keen knitter, make sure that the wool you're using is from a kind source.

Illustration - campaign #woolwithabutt

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